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Commissioners Extend New Riders Choice Program for Two Years
-Paratransit program increases in ridership and saves money

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Broward County Commissioners have given the go ahead to continue a successful pilot program that provides transportation to people with disabilities who can't use the regular bus service. The Paratransit Riders Choice Pilot Program allows ADA eligible customers to call a taxi or licensed transportation network provider when they need a ride. Commissioners extended the program for two years.


“The program has saved us a lot of money and I think we should extend this program for two years,” said Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen.


One hundred and fifty eligible riders were given CabConnect prefunded payment cards to use if they chose to use the new transportation services. During the one-year pilot period, 144 people enrolled in the program.  Ninety-one people have taken at total of 5,211 trips under the Rider’s Choice Program. The program provides an alternative option to the County’s Transportation Options Program (TOPS) which is a shared ride door-to-door program.


Not only was the pilot program successful, it also saved money.  The 91 program participants reduced their paratransit (TOPS) trips by 3,866 trips during the pilot program. The average trip cost in the new program was $13.16, compared to the TOPS system average cost of $28 per trip.  The Riders Choice Program provided 5,211 trips to the participants at a total cost of $68,677. As a result, the program provided 1,345 more trips at a savings of nearly $40,000 over the regular TOPS program.


“I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about this program,” said Commissioner Lamar P. Fisher.


“The cost of providing paratransit services has skyrocketed over the years. I would like to see this program expanded as it continues,” said Broward Commissioner Michael Udine.


For individuals who cannot drive or use traditional public transportation, Broward County Transit provides the TOPS and Riders Choice program to help individuals get around town to run errands, go to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment.  Information on the Riders Choice Program can be found here.


DATE: February 1, 2019

MEDIA CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe

Broward County Commission Public Information Manager


(954) 357-8053