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Proposed Sales Tax Increase Scheduled for November Ballot
DATE: June 24, 2016
MEDIA CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe 
Public Information Manager, Broward County Commission 
PHONE: (954) 357-8053


BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Broward County voters will see two, interlocked questions on the November 8th ballot, each asking for a half-penny sales tax increase. One proposal asks for a half-cent increase to finance countywide transportation projects. The second is a half-cent surtax to fund municipal infrastructure projects and came at the request of Broward cities.

A full one-cent sales tax would raise an estimated $310-million in the first full year and $12.4 billion over thirty years. Both proposals ask voters to increase the sales tax for thirty years and include the creation of an oversight board to monitor appropriate use of the money. Should voters approve only one of the requests, both will fail.

Commissioners had previously approved a ballot proposal that would raise the sales tax by three-quarters of a penny to pay for a countywide transportation system, but agreed to a compromise with elected city officials who said money was needed to replace municipal infrastructures. If a compromise was not reached, three separate ballot questions seeking a surtax could have appeared on the November ballot. Commissioners voted five-to-three to place the question on the November ballot with Commissioners Chip LaMarca, Dale Holness and Tim Ryan voting no.

A half-cent County transportation surtax would finance a vast array of transportation projects such as the light rail system called the "Wave" in downtown Fort Lauderdale with future connections to the airport, seaport and Broward County Convention Center. The money would also pay for planned projects designed to ease traffic congestion such as increased bus service, synchronized traffic signals and a variety of countywide intersection and safety improvements. A portion of the city infrastructure surtax (40%) would be allocated to address County needs in years 21-30 only, and is expected to support the extension of rail and attendant rail infrastructure (i.e.Park-and-Ride lots.)

City leaders say revenue raised from a city infrastructure surtax will finance a variety of city projects such as new police or fire stations, park improvements and street and sewer improvements. The revenue from the half-cent city infrastructure tax would be shared by all of Broward's thirty-one cities based on population.

While many counties do levy a countywide sales tax, Broward County currently does not. The Florida sales tax of 6% applies countywide. None of the cities or local governments within Broward County currently collect additional local sales taxes.