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New Comprehensive Spay/Neuter Initiative Unveiled
DATE: March 30, 2016
Lisa Mendheim, Animal Care and Adoption Division

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - BrowardPetFix. That's the name of Animal Care and Adoption's comprehensive spay/neuter initiative. BrowardPetFix includes all spay/neuter programs designed to service Broward County residents and reduce the number of unwanted pets throughout the community.

The programs include sterilization options for owned dogs and cats, as well as programs specifically for Community Cats (cats who are not socialized; are part of a cat colony, or do not have an owner). On September 11, 2015, the Board of County Commissioners amended Broward County's Chapter 4 ordinance to include Community Cat management programs in order to reduce the uncontrolled reproduction of neighborhood/Community Cats.

Fix plays a critical role in the County's goal to become a No Kill Community," said Thomas Adair, Director, Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Division.  "By identifying and sterilizing at-risk pets in our community, we can reduce reproduction and subsequently diminish pet overpopulation in our community."

Programs for Owned Dogs and Cats

SNIP replaces the former SPOT Program, which sunset last year. The voucher-based program is open to all Broward County residents who have an owned dog or cat. SNIP services include spay/neuter surgery; a rabies vaccination, and a Broward County Registration License Tag.  SNIP sterilization services are provided through a network of veterinary providers. Broward County residents must apply online to the program at

To ensure that the SNIP Program application is accessible to all residents, Broward County Animal Care has partnered with Broward County Libraries to provide online computer access to the program.  Pet owners who would like to apply to SNIP will be able to use a computer at any of the 33 Library
branches throughout the County.

Animal Care's specially designed portable sterilization unit provides sterilization services in the community for owned dogs and cats, as well as Community Cats.  The custom portable unit was created by the FORTS company in Coral Springs and is the first of its kind in the nation to be used for pet spay/neuter surgeries.

Sterilization services are provided by appointment only. SNIP participants who have received a voucher, may have their pets sterilized at the unit, which is currently stationed at Delevoe Park, 2520 NW 6th St., Fort Lauderdale. The Humane Society of Broward County has partnered with Animal Care to provide the surgeries.  Spay/neuter services can be scheduled by calling the Humane Society at 954-463-SPAY.  

The special sterilization unit will stay at Delevoe Park for approximately 6 months and then move to another targeted location within Broward County where the need for spay/neuter services is high.

Programs for Community Cats

Broward County Animal Care has partnered with a number of veterinary clinics to provide spay/neuter services for Community Cats.  Through TNR, Community Cats are sterilized; vaccinated against rabies; ear-notched, and returned to the neighborhood in which they were found. 

Healthy Community Cats, who enter Animal Care's Adoption Center, are sterilized, receive a rabies vaccination and then placed back into the neighborhood where they were found.  Returning sterilized cats helps keep new cats from entering a community and helps reduce nuisance behaviors.  The program's goal is to reduce the number of outdoor cats over time through sterilization. Socialized adult cats who are healthy will be spayed/neutered and then placed into Adoption.

To apply to the SNIP Program, or for details regarding any other BrowardPetFix program, visit

About Animal Care
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