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County Moving Forward with Steps to Improve Aging Emergency Radio System
DATE: March 1, 2016
MEDIA CONTACT: Brett Bayag, Acting Director
Office of Regional Communications and Technology

PHONE: 954-357-8565

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Another step toward improving Broward County's Public Safety Radio System has been taken by the County Commission. On Tuesday, the Board voted unanimously to begin the procurement process to replace the existing Alphanumeric Paging System (APS) which is no longer supported by equipment manufacturers. The APS system will directly interface with the County's three regional public safety call centers.

The vote to begin the requests for proposals (RFPs) follows on the heels of the County Commission's February 12, 2016 approval of the process to pre-qualify vendors interested in submitting proposals on a project to replace the public safety radio system (Project 25 Public Safety Radio system). The approval of the request for qualifications was the first step in the radio replacement procurement process. Step two will be a request for proposals from qualified vendors on an estimated $45 million project.

The County presently operates a four-site UHF simulcast Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (POCSAG) alphanumeric paging system. This estimated $350,000 project provides police and fire rescue, and other mission critical personnel alphanumeric pages of emergency dispatch calls for service. This system is used as a redundant layer to the County's computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, fire station alerting (FSA) system, and public safety radio system to communicate emergency and lifesaving calls. The system infrastructure is based on numerous components that have reached end of life and are in need of replacement. This project will not only enhance the County's Public Safety Radio system, but will also improve the County's Regional Consolidated E911 Dispatch System.

For more information on this project and other projects on regional communications, please visit the Office of Regional Communications and Technology

About Regional Communications and Technology
The Office of Regional Communications and Technology (ORCAT) manages, administers and provides oversight of the countywide consolidated E911 communication system. Responsibilities include the design, implementation and maintenance of the public safety infrastructure used to respond to E911 calls on a 24/7 basis, thereby enabling rapid emergency response to 911 callers for lifesaving assistance in Broward County. The Regional Consolidated E911 Dispatch System is overseen by ORCAT and operated by the Broward Sheriff's Office via a Performance Based Contract with the County Commission. For more information, visit our website.