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County Water Partnership Results in Multi-Million Gallon Water Savings
DATE: February 12, 2016
MEDIA CONTACT: Samantha Baker
Natural Resources Specialist II
PHONE: 954-519-1222

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Residents, businesses and nonprofits have saved nearly 750 million gallons of water since October 2012. The savings are supported through a program from Broward Water Partnership which included the County and 18 utilities and local governments in the County. Through the program, the Partnership has distributed nearly 8,000 toilet rebates, 5,647 low-flow showerheads, 7,890 kitchen and bathroom aerators and 16 pre-rinse spray valves for commercial kitchens.

"We're very pleased with the results of the program," said Jennifer Jurado, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division, Broward County. "Residents, businesses and nonprofits throughout the community have enthusiastically signed up to save," she said.

In addition to ongoing support for conservation, the Partnership features an annual outreach effort to engage the community and reward people for engaging in conservation and education. In 2015, there was the Broward Mega Money Saving Record Breaking Wild Water Switcheroo where one lucky Miramar resident won a complete retrofit of water and energy saving devices and fixtures including toilets, faucets and showerheads, a new irrigation system, new refrigerator and dishwasher.

This year the Partnership is sponsoring the Neighborhood Water Challenge in which there are two ways to win. First, two or more neighbors can form a team and commit to saving water during April and May 2016. Or, contestants can develop a conservation education idea and use it, then tell us how it went. Winner receive $1000 in cash, second place is a WaterOptimizerâ„¢ irrigation system. Residents can participate in both contests. Groups can form teams, as well. All team members must reside in a Partnership community.

"We want people to save water and we want them to engage their neighbors to save, too," said Jurado. "We're pleased to be joined by WateReuse Florida and WaterOptimizer-an association and a private company-to make the Neighborhood Water Challenge a success.

Details about the contest and rebates can be found at

About Environmental Planning and Community Resilience
Broward County's Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division protects, restores and enhances the quality, abundance and diversity of the County's natural resources through coordinated management efforts in five areas: water resource policy and planning, urban and natural lands management, beach and marine resources, energy and sustainability, and environmental monitoring. For more information call 954-519-1270, visit our website or follow us on social media on Facebook or Twitter.