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Centennial Citizens Honored in Broward County
- Residents 100 years or older join Centennial Celebration -
DATE:  June 10, 2015
CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe
Public Information Manager, Broward Commission
PHONE: 954-357-8053

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - The County's Centennial Citizens received special recognition from Broward Commissioners as the county celebrates its 100th birthday.  

Twenty-eight residents, all 100 years old or older attended a special reception and ceremony held in their honor at the Broward Governmental Center as part of the Broward 100-Celebrating the Art of the Community Centennial celebration.

The Centennial Citizens also received a proclamation, presented by Mayor Tim Ryan on behalf of the Commission recognizing Tuesday, June 9 as "Centennial Citizen Appreciation Day" in Broward County.

"Our Centennial Citizens have witnessed two world wars, a great depression, the first man on the moon and inventions such as radio, television, automobiles, airplanes, antibiotics and computers," noted Mayor Ryan.  "We greatly value their wisdom and experience and the contributions they have made to make Broward a better place to live."

The residents live throughout Broward County and came from a variety of backgrounds and professions.  Many had served in the Armed Forces, raised families and had careers such as firefighter, stockbroker, teacher, actress, insurance broker, legal secretary, salesman, nurse and one worked with magician Harry Houdini. 

"Two of our treasured Centennial Citizens present today were born in 1910, before Broward County was even a County.  Back then we were mostly everglades with a small railway, and just a few cities, Dania and Pompano.  Fort Lauderdale wasn't even born until 1911," said Mayor Ryan. "It occurred to me that just in this room, and just with our Centennial Citizens, we have nearly 3,000 years of memories.  That is truly remarkable."

The Centennial Citizens honored yesterday included:

Lottie Albert - born 1915

Rose Calvina -  born 1915

Reuben Bienstock - born 1912

Ira Boris born - 1915

Jack Boss - born 1913

Marian Boyd - born 1910

Blache Chak - born 1912

Marie Del Pozzo - born 1914

Samuel Goldstein - born 1914

Margaret Harfield - born 1910

Mary Silver - born 1915

Israel Sweig - born 1913

Albert Baron - born 1913

Hyman Kudler - born 1914

Murray Hirsch - born 1915

Tom Snedeker - born 1914

Lillian MacWhirter - born 1912

Evelyn Ricciuti - born 1912

Marie Collie - born 1912

Catherine Cutrone - born 1914

Kathryn Seber - born 1913

Florence Clinton-Simpson - born 1915

Luereen Flournoy - born 1915

May Garcia - born 1912

Pearl Hepler - born 1914

Dorothy Singleton - born 1912

Dorothy Whitehouse - born 1914

Rosa Anderson-Dunlap - born 1914


For more information on Broward County Centennial Citizens please visit
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