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Library for Life Program Celebrates People Born in Broward
DATE: January 11, 2018
CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe
Public Information Manager, Broward County Commission

PHONE: 954-357-8053

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - The Broward County Libraries Division is launching a unique new program that celebrates all people who were born in Broward.  The new Library for Life program grants every Broward native a lifelong library card as a birthright. 

"This exciting new program will give people access to all the digital resources of their hometown library, no matter where they are in the world. This initiative says for all to hear that Broward County values an informed and knowledgeable citizenry," said Broward Mayor Beam Furr.

Any person born in Broward County can apply for the online library card, no matter where they now reside. If you were born in Broward County, you are eligible to sign up. Families may sign up their children to receive their card from the moment they are born.
The card is renewable every ten years and can be used for instant access to eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, music, movies, television shows, research databases, educational materials and more.

"This gives an unprecedented global level of access to all the tools available at Broward County Libraries. One goal of this program is to get residents more involved with their hometown library. We want everyone, from young students to long-time residents, to make better use of the resources we have available here. Now they can do so from anywhere in the world," said Mayor Furr.

Library for Life also gives full access to every database and resource bank available online to Broward County Library patrons.
Every one of the vast databases can be accessed with just the click of a button. "Libraries embrace their role in supporting life-long learning, the Library for Life program allows BCL to expand our boundaries beyond physical buildings," said Broward County Libraries Division Director Kelvin Watson.

Broward County Libraries offer over 18,000 eBooks to patrons, as well as digital databases, A/V materials, and digital archives  with some records dating back to the 19
th century. In addition, Broward Libraries feature cutting edge technologies in Creation Stations and creative public festivals that mix the love of literature and arts with innovative engagement.  Broward County is dedicated to stimulating a lifetime of learning, and these resources are an important step in promoting literacy and good reading.