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Broward Water Partnership Exceeds Goals for Toilet Rebates
DATE: November 20, 2017
Samantha Baker
Environmental Planning and Community Resilience


BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Broward residents, businesses and nonprofits are big winners with record breaking water savings through the Broward Water Partnership and the Conservation Pays Program. Together, the community has saved 1.5 billion gallons of water as of October 1, 2017, with much of this savings achieved through the regional toilet rebate program that provides property owners with rebates when they upgrade older model toilets to high-efficiency water-saving models.

The Broward Water Partnership is a collaboration of 17 local governments and water utilities focused on a single goal: water conservation.

To support community efforts, the Broward Water Partnership distributed a total of 2,768 rebates and credits for new water-saving WaterSense® High-Efficiency Toilets in 2017, with more than 17,000 rebates and credits issued over the life of the program. The Broward Water Partnership jointly provided more than $198,000.00 in rebates to support local residents and property owners in their quest to save water. These water savings also translate to lower bills.

"This is a significant benchmark and demonstration," said Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Environmental Director and Chief Resiliency Officer for Broward County. "Our community-local government, business, nonprofits and residents-continues to prioritize the environment and understands that collaboration is needed to protect and preserve our water resources."

The Broward Water Partnership provides rebates through, making it easy for residents to apply. It takes just five steps including filling out an application and attaching required documentation. Pre-approval is required. Applicants can receive up to $100 rebate per toilet. Businesses and nonprofits are also eligible to participate.

Also available for participating communities are water saving aerators and showerheads. These too have proven to be popular, with more than 4,500 distributed in 2017.

Residents and businesses can take advantage of water saving opportunities outdoors, as well, by adopting Florida-friendly landscaping practices and adhering to year-round irrigation restrictions. Learn more by visiting our Naturescape web page.

Check your eligibility and apply for a rebate online to begin saving or call 1-800-270-9794 for more information.