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Broward County Issues Statement Regarding Critical Infrastructure Facility Designations
DATE: September 13, 2017
MEDIA CONTACT ONLY: Margaret Stapleton 954-831-3890

201 NW 84th Avenue
Plantation, 33324

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Each year, FPL asks Broward County to confirm a list of facilities considered "Critical" and "Non-Critical" infrastructure, to assist them in prioritizing the restoration of power following an emergency event. Broward County's list was developed utilizing an FPL guidance document that defines critical and non-critical infrastructure. Nursing homes are defined in the FPL guidance document as "non-critical, but play a decisive role in community recovery after a serious event." Hollywood Hills' designation as "non-critical infrastructure" was based on this definition.

"The health and medical team at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) had contact numerous times with numerous nursing homes throughout the Hurricane Irma event, including Hollywood Hills," said Mayor Sharief. "They continue to assist many of them with life safety and comfort needs."

On Tuesday morning, September 12th, Hollywood Hills contacted the Emergency Operations Center and alerted the health and medical team to the fact they had lost power. This was reported as a mission-critical request to FPL for power restoration. Later that day, Hollywood Hills said that they had done a survey of their property and that a tree was on a transformer. This new information was provided to FPL.

"Hollywood Hills, when asked if they had any medical needs or emergencies, did not request assistance or indicate any medical emergency existed," the Mayor said.