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Broward County Public School Students - Your ID is Your Key!
- BCL Digital Direct Library Card Opt-In forms to be distributed at schools after October 10th -

DATE: September 29, 2017
: Catherine McElrath
Libraries Division
PHONE: 954-357-7402

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Broward County Public School students - your ID is your key! Broward County Libraries (BCL) and Broward County Public Schools have partnered to offer students outstanding, free educational resources through the BCL Digital Direct Library Card. Just use your ID number as your new BCL Digital Direct Library Card.

Opt-in forms will be distributed by teachers at all Broward County Public Schools after October 10, 2017. Parents and guardians of Broward County Public School students will have to sign the form for their children to participate in the BCL Digital Direct Library Card program. 

Since students are using their student ID number, no physical library card is issued however, students are encouraged to continue to have a standard Broward County Library card in addition to their Digital Direct card.

All participating K-12 students can now use BCL Digital Direct Library Card to access Broward County Libraries' online resources that include:

·       24/7 access to library databases including online encyclopedias, reference books and other online resources to help with research projects, papers, presentations, reports and homework

·       24/7 access to online newspapers, magazines and other publications

·       24/7 access to downloadable eBooks including Sunshine State Readers, classic favorites, popular bestsellers and Spanish-language books

·       24/7 access to Rosetta Stone, the language-learning resource that includes lessons on reading, writing and speaking 30 languages

·       Free access to live, online tutoring in English/language arts, foreign language, science social studies, writing and math

·       Free access to online test preparation aligned to Florida standardized tests and the SAT, ACT and GED

The BCL Digital Direct Library Card can also help job-seeking teens can get free online interview coaching, resume writing help and career planning assistance.

"In this digital age, the digital potential of libraries is going to make them even more integral in the mission of erasing the digital divide," says Broward County Libraries Director Kelvin Watson. "It is vital that the students in our communities have easy access to the digital resources of the library as it provides equity for all in both education and future career opportunities."

About Broward County Libraries Division
Broward County Libraries Division, named 2015 Library of the Year by the Florida Library Association, was founded in 1974 and is the largest library system in Florida by square footage and one of the busiest, with more than 7.5 million walk-in customers visiting its 38 locations annually. Broward County Libraries Division provides convenient access to a full range of innovative and cost-effective services that satisfy the changing needs of the people of Broward County for information, education and recreation. Visit our website,, or follow Libraries on Facebook and Twitter

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