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Link Trainer Building and Goodman Archaeological Site Designated as Historic Resources

DATE: April 28, 2017
Rick Ferrer
Planning and Development Management Division / Historic Preservation Board
PHONE: 954-357-9731

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners officially designated the Goodman Archaeological site in Sunrise and the Link Trainer Building in Fort Lauderdale as historic resources. Both properties have significant historical and cultural value, which prompted the County's Historic Preservation Board to make the recommendation for designation in early January.

In the early 1990s, the Goodman Archaeological site was set aside for preservation when developers started to build single-family homes in west Sunrise. It was added to the list of the County's Local Areas of Particular Concern, due to the site's good state of preservation and unique potential for future research.

The Link Trainer Building stands as the only remnant of a once substantial World War II era naval air station. Today, it is a museum, located at 4000 W. Perimeter Road in Fort Lauderdale. In 1998, the building was nominated and accepted to the National Register of Historic Places. A year later, it was relocated to its current site and converted into a museum. The museum houses a large collection of military and naval air station artifacts, including one of the few remaining "Link Trainers" (also known as flight simulators) in existence. The Link Trainer Building is one of only 37 Broward landmarks listed in the National Register.

Historic designation allows the County to protect, preserve and recognize properties of historical, architectural, archaeological or cultural value. Designation also allows for professional guidance when improvements, remodeling or special projects are planned. In some circumstances, properties with historic designations qualify for tax abatements, tax credits, potential code exemptions and government assistance.

To learn more about Broward's historic resources visit the Historic Preservation Program online.


About the Broward Historic Preservation Board
The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) recommends for designation significant historic resources and districts that are of value to local areas, cities or to the County. The HPB guides the preservation of designated sites through the review of applications to change or alter, add on to, remove or relocate sites. In July 2016, Broward County's historic preservation program received Certified Local Government (CLG) designation from the U.S. Department of Interior and Florida's Division of Historical Resources. The Broward County Planning and Development Management Division is the Agency Liaison for the HPB. For more information visit
HPB online.