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County Employs State-of-the-Art 911 Technology
- It's another example of the County's commitment to public safety -

DATE: March 28, 2017
MEDIA CONTACT: Brett Bayag, Acting Director
Office of Regional Communications and Technology


BROWARD COUNTY, FL - The County's regional 911 Consolidated Dispatch Centers are now using Motorola Solutions' PremierOneTM Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to more quickly and reliably communicate critical information with police, fire and other first responders to help residents, business owners and visitors during emergencies. 

Broward County's three centers handle approximately 1.7 million emergency calls per year. Effective today, they have migrated from an outdated CAD system that was at end-of-life to the new PremierOne CAD to manage incidents and share information throughout the region. The new CAD system is one component of Broward County's $113 million investment in emergency communication operations and system improvements, which have already resulted in Broward County having one of the fastest emergency response times in the nation.

"This multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency, and multi-discipline CAD system interfaces with all Broward County Regional Consolidated E-911 systems vital to receiving, processing and implementing rapid response to 911 calls, and will greatly enhance service to people in Broward County during emergency situations," said Brett Bayag, Acting Director of the Office of Regional Communications and Technology which manages the project.  "Over the past three years the project team's focused efforts included working collaboratively with professionals and experts in the fields of public safety technology, dispatch operations, law enforcement, and fire rescue, all of whom worked tirelessly to implement this new state-of-the-art system," Bayag added.

Dispatchers, who often are the first line of contact with those who need help during an emergency, use PremierOne CAD to capture and quickly communicate critical information with first responders. While enroute to the incident, the new Motorola Solutions' PremierOne Mobile gives first responders access to prioritized mission-critical information such as the nature of the emergency, and potential hazards or conditions at the location.

"Every second matters during an emergency," said Robert Marshall, Vice President for Motorola Solutions. "We are honored that Broward County chose to use Motorola Solutions' PremierOne CAD and Mobile systems in the dispatch centers and on emergency response vehicles so that mission-critical information can quickly be captured and shared to help people when they need it most."

All 31 Broward County municipalities, with the exception of Coral Springs and Plantation, participate in the Regional E-911 system. Nearly 20,000 public safety professionals are impacted by this rollout along with Broward's residents. This is the largest PremierOne CAD cutover in the United States, involving 150 workstations, 31 interfaces and 3500 mobile units.

The County continues to honor its commitment to improve the E-911 system, including replacing a 30 year old inherited radio system with a new $40 million  state-of-the-art radio system. 911 customers are encouraged to provide feedback on their call experience through an online feedback form, or by calling the Broward County Call Center at 311. Feedback will be used to enhance the 911 experience for future users.

About Regional Communications and Technology
The Office of Regional Communications and Technology (ORCAT) manages, administers and provides oversight of the countywide consolidated E911 communication system. Responsibilities include the design, implementation and maintenance of the public safety infrastructure used to respond to E911 calls on a 24/7 basis, including the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) and radio system, which enable rapid emergency response to 911 callers for lifesaving assistance in Broward County. The Regional Consolidated E911 Dispatch System is overseen by ORCAT and operated by the Broward Sheriff's Office via a Performance Based Contract with the County Commission. For more information, visit our website.