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Five Developers Qualify for Convention Center Hotel/Expansion in Broward County
DATE:  August 26, 2015
CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe
Public Information Manager, Broward Commission
PHONE: 954-357-8053

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Five nationally renowned and highly accomplished developers have met the qualifications necessary to build a new upscale flagship convention center headquarters hotel and expand the current convention center in Broward County. 

Broward Commissioners, sitting as the Direct Procurement Authority (DPA), qualified five developers who will compete for the $550 million dollar project to expand the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center by 300,000 square feet and build a AAA 4-Diamond rated hotel ranging in size from 750 to 1,250 rooms.

The vision is to create a spectacular regional destination, focused on a mix of activities associated with the Intracoastal Waterway where the current Convention Center is located.  The combined effect of the expansion and new hotel with public spaces and waterfront amenities will bolster the local economy, attract more convention center and trade show business, increase tourism and create jobs in Broward County. 


Developers were asked to submit information on their qualifications based on criteria established by the County that included detailed experience in hospitality and real estate development in the past ten years, public private partnerships and financial capacity and capability.

The five companies who qualified are:

Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Hotel LLC (RIDA/ARES)

-Combined co-investments over $3 billion in real estate development projects
-8 hotel projects in past ten years; five new construction; three renovations.
-Four hotels are 4-diamond rated, ranging from 720-1,500 rooms; three are headquarters hotel
-7 submitted projects involve public private partnerships 
Hensel Phelps Development LLC

-Delivers $3 billion of construction projects annually
-15 hotel projects in past ten years; 13 were new construction; 2 major renovations
-Four hotels are 4-diamond rated, ranging from 503-1,200 rooms
-Total of five headquarters hotels (4 4-diamond/1 3-diamond) 
-Involved in 3 convention center construction projects totaling 3 million square feet
-6 submitted projects involve public private partnerships
Matthews Holdings Southwest INC.  dba Matthews Southwest

-Completed over $2 billion development work in past 3 years
-Control in excess of $400 million in real estate
-4 hotel projects; 1 new construction 4-diamond headquarters hotel with 1,001 rooms; 2 projects under construction; 1 300,000 square foot convention center expansion
-11 submitted projects involving public private partnerships

Omni Hotels Management Corporation dba Omni Hotels and Resorts

-Funded $1.1 billion in acquisitions and $500 million in redevelopment in recent four year period
-Hotel owner/operator/developer of more than 50 luxury hotels and resorts in North America
-Investors in 2 hotel projects and developer of 4 hotels in past ten years; all six properties are 4-diamond rated, ranging from 511 to 1,067 rooms
-3 submitted projects involve public private partnerships

The Related Companies L.P. and PRH Investments, LLC dba The Related Group

-Manages asset portfolio of over $15 billion including mixed use, residential, retail, office, trade show and affordable housing projects
-13 hotel projects in the past ten years; five 4-diamond newly constructed hotels ranging from 173 to 2,996 rooms (one headquarters hotel); one 5-diamond hotel with 248 rooms
-6 submitted projects involve public private partnerships

In September the five developers will introduce their design, build and financial team members as the selection process continues.