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Companies Looking to Hire Needed at 2018 "My Next Move" Job Fair
Broward students are ready to get to work and need your help

DATE:  April 10, 2018

CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe, Public Information Manager, Broward Commission

PHONE: 954-357-8053



BROWARD COUNTY, FL- Attention all employers!  Broward County graduates want to speak with you!  They are looking for jobs, career opportunities and bright, successful futures. 

If you are a company with job opportunities, please participate in the “My Next Move” 2018 Annual College/Career & Work Readiness Program.  It’s free, and your participation shows these graduating students that Broward County has a lot to offer in the way of great jobs,  and helps them find careers that will allow them to contribute to our local economy. 

The “My Next Move” 2018 Annual College/Career & Work Readiness Program is geared toward graduating high school seniors who are ready to jump in to a promising career as soon as they graduate.  These young people are available and eager to start work immediately, but they need your help.

The 2018 “My Next Move” Program will be taking place on Thursday, May 10th from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Broward County Convention Center.   There is NO COST for employers to participate, buy registration is required.    To register contact Susan Climan, Education Programs Manager, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, at (954) 627-0126 or send an e-mail to, by Friday, May 4, 2018.

“Two thousand three hundred and forty days is how many days a student attends school from kindergarten to high school graduation.  Students who are not planning for college are often left to wonder what their next move is.  We’re coming together to provide career opportunities for those students,” said Mayor Beam Furr.

The “My Next Move” 2018 Annual College/Career & Work Readiness Program is a regional partnership between Broward County, CareerSource Broward, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, Broward County Public Schools, Community Enhancement Collaboration Inc., OIC of South Florida, Hispanic Unity of Florida and the Children Services Council.