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We're Getting Better All the Time!
- More holds, more DVDS, more for our customers! -
DATE: March 29, 2018
MEDIA CONTACT: Catherine McElrath
Libraries Division
PHONE: 954-357-7402


BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Broward County Library is always looking for new ways to make our customer’s library experience good, better, best! Our most recent service improvement is an increase in how many items customers can put on hold at one time. The previous limit was 15 items – customers can now place up to 20 items on hold to pick up at the library location of their choice.

Other recent Broward County Library service improvements include:

-DVDs: Customers can now check out 20 DVDs at one time, twice as many as the previous limit of 10 per customer.

-Free Instant eCards! Were you born in Broward? Visiting Broward? Work, live or go to school in Broward? Get an Instant eCard from Broward County Library! Apply online for immediate access to Broward County Library’s complete online collection of eBooks, music, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, streaming video, research sources and more! Sign up for your Instant eCard here!

-Veterans Connect Hotspots: Veterans, active military members and their dependents can check out free WiFi hotspots at nine library locations throughout Broward County with valid military identification. The free hotspots provide unlimited access to T-Mobile's 4G LTE network and increase access to information and technology. The hotspots will be loaned for one month with the option to renew the loan three more times. For details and locations visit

-Free Music on Broward County Buses: Use your Broward County Library card to access free downloadable and streaming music on Broward County Transit buses countywide. All buses have free WiFi that allows you to connect with Broward County Library’s selection of millions of songs from a range of musical genres. (You can also purchase Broward County bus passes at many library locations.) Coming soon: Free music at Broward County parks!

-GoChip: We now offer the GoChip, a small, rechargeable device that lets you stream hit TV shows to watch from a phone or other mobile device. The GoChip lets you take a full season of premiere TV shows such as Outlander, Breaking Bad and The Shield with you wherever you go. BCL is the first library in Florida, the first in the Southeast and one of the first 12 libraries nationwide currently offering the GoChip to customers. Get details and information on where to check out the GoChip here.

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Broward County Libraries Division
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