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American Planning Association Recognizes Broward County's Climate Change Element
 - New video showcases the County's efforts -
DATE: May 29, 2014
MEDIA CONTACT: Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Director
Broward County Natural Resources Planning and Management Division
PHONE: 954-519-1464

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - The American Planning Association (APA) recently awarded Broward County's Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department with the National Planning Excellence Award for Environmental Planning for the production of Broward County's Climate Change Element, a coordinated initiative of 82 environmental policies that focus on local actions to help the community adapt to economic, environmental and social effects of climate change.

During the APA awards ceremony, 18 national and international cities, counties and environmental groups and organizations were recognized for their excellence in developing "the best planning efforts that create communities of lasting value." The APA also developed a
video of each of the award-winning projects.

The Climate Change Element, adopted in February 2013, is a visionary planning instrument which integrates scientific, technical and policy input into an innovative framework for achieving a sustainable, climate-resilient community. The Element builds on existing planning initiatives, such as the Broward Climate Change Action Plan, takes a comprehensive view of the challenges of climate change, and acts as a template for consideration by other jurisdictions.  

The Element identifies climate-vulnerable areas; develops adaptation strategies for the built environment, natural systems and green infrastructure; establishes intergovernmental coordination mechanisms to address climate change on a local, regional and federal level;  and supports creation of a regional climate change action plan. Through the Climate Change Element, Broward is also the first local government in Florida to amend its comprehensive plan to provide for the Adaptation Action Areas designation, as provided in Florida state law.

While the Element addresses a topic with global implications, it describes policies for local collaborative action. Balancing many factors, both within and outside local government control, Broward looks toward its partners to participate in implementing the County’s plan, working together to reach the shared goal of a sustainable and climate resilient community. 

Photo Caption:
Glenn Amoruso and Henry Sniezek, center, both of Broward County's Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department, receive the American Planning Association award from William Anderson, left, president of the APA, and Ann Bagley, chair of the 2014 APA awards jury.
About Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department
The mission of the Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department is to safeguard lives, natural resources and property of residents and visitors to the County. This is done by providing for natural resource planning; managing, protecting and planning for appropriate land use patterns and housing mix; establishing an incident command system and emergency operations plans; enforcing environmental, development and construction regulations; and providing for consumer protection. For more information, call 954-357-6612 or visit