Broward County to Add Complete Street Elements on Section of Southwest Fourth Avenue
DATE: April 2, 2014 
MEDIA CONTACT: Anh Ton, P.E., Director
Broward County Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division 
PHONE: 954-357-6059

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Broward County’s Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division will be installing and improving Complete Streets elements on Southwest Fourth Avenue between State Road 84 and Southwest Ninth Street beginning Monday, April 21, and concluding on or before October 17, barring any unforeseen conditions or weather delays.

The project entails adding a bike lane as well as repairing the existing sidewalks and curb ramps on the east side of Southwest Fourth Avenue. By relocating the existing curb and gutter toward the west, the green area available for the roots of established trees currently growing along the pavement will be enhanced.

Driveway modifications will be necessary, and residential access to some driveways may be temporarily affected for one or two days. During construction, traffic on northbound Southwest Fourth Avenue will be temporarily restricted to one lane. Both southbound lanes on Southwest Fourth Avenue will remain open during construction. 

The Complete Streets Program being implemented in Broward County will lead to safer streets designed for everyone, whether young or old, on foot or a bus, bicycling or in a car, regardless of age or ability. Complete Streets are roadways designed and constructed for all modes of transportation – automobiles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians.

The Broward County Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division project manager for this project is Rares Petrica who can be reached at 954-577-4631 or 954-612-0857 (cell) or by email at  

A map of the project area is attached below.

About Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division
The Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and in-house construction of County and highway projects, curbs and gutters, guardrails, rights-of-ways, roads, sidewalks, storm water systems, streets, swales and trees. Staff resources are available for 24-hour emergency services. Call 954-357-6040 for more information.
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