Broward County Earns National Planning Award for Climate Change Element
DATE: February 26, 2014
MEDIA CONTACT: Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Director
Broward County Natural Resources Planning and Management Division
PHONE: 954-519-1464

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Broward County’s Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department has received a National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association (APA) for its effort to address climate change. The award was given for Broward County’s Climate Change Element, a coordinated initiative of 82 environmental policies that focuses on local actions for addressing economic, environmental and community impacts of climate change.

Among the first dedicated comprehensive plans to focus on climate change in the country, the Climate Change Element provides a planning foundation for Broward County to move forward to address its own challenges while serving as a template for local municipalities and the region to use to advance their climate planning.

Adopted in February 2013, the Climate Change Element combines the scientific, technical and policy input from the community in effort to promote collaboration and increase public transparency and involvement. It also incorporates many recommendations from the Broward County Climate Change Action Plan. Key winning components of the Climate Change Element include:

• Goals for achieving a sustainable, climate resilient community with cost-effective mitigation strategies.

• Identifies areas vulnerable to coastal flooding, tidal events, storm surge, flash floods, stormwater runoff, saltwater intrusion and other impacts related to climate change.

• Develops adaptation strategies for the environment, natural systems and green infrastructure through designation of Adaptation Action Areas (AAAs), which identify vulnerable locations that experience coastal flooding due to extreme high tides and storm surge.

• Establishes intergovernmental coordination mechanisms to address climate change on local, regional, federal levels.

• Supports the development of Regional Climate Change Action Plan.

The award will be presented during the APA’s National Planning conference in Atlanta, on April 29. The initiative will also be featured in APA's The Planning Magazine.

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