Broward County Commission Advances "Complete Streets" Project
DATE: February 21, 2014
MEDIA CONTACT: Henry Sniezek, Director
Broward County Planning and Redevelopment
PHONE: 954-357-6666

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – The Broward County Board of County Commissioners recently adopted new Complete Streets guidelines for rights-of-ways under County jurisdiction and amended the Land Development Code to accommodate Complete Streets features within rights-of-way designated by municipalities, the County or the state as “Context Sensitive Corridors.”

The "Complete Streets" Program in Broward County is being designed to provide safer streets for everyone, whether on foot or a bus, bicycling or in a car, regardless of age or ability. Complete Streets are roadways designed and constructed for all modes of transportation – automobiles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. Complete Street guidelines rethink road design and ensure access to the roadways for all users.
“What this means,” said Henry Sniezek, director of Broward County’s Planning and Redevelopment Division, “is that these changes impact the County’s roadway construction standards and gives us more flexibility in order to add features of Complete Streets into County roadway projects.”

The County Commissioners also adopted measures to change the standards in partnership with municipalities and the state with corridors designated and planned as "Context Sensitive” – those streets in areas that present special design features to ensure that traffic moves safely and efficiently but are also in harmony with the natural, social, economic and cultural environment.

“We encouraged cities to work with us to identify these specific corridors so we can continue to develop Complete Streets while respecting the needs of the residents and cities,” said Sniezek.

Sniezek praised the efforts of County staff and numerous cities and organizations for helping further the Complete Streets Program, including the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, Broward Planning Council, South Florida Regional Planning Council, Urban Health Partnership and Broward Smart Growth Partnership.

“Complete Streets is really a change in culture,” said Sniezek. “We have long been a motorized community and now we are identifying areas in the County where streets can manage all types of transportation.”
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