September is Library Card Sign-up Month at Broward County Libraries!
- A free library card is your ticket to great savings -

Broward County Library cards.

DATE: August 26, 2013
MEDIA CONTACT: Catherine McElrath

Libraries Division

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Risk-free, interest-free and cost-free – a Broward County Library (BCL) card is one of the smartest things you can carry. School is back in session and learners of all ages, from pre-K to post-grad, can find what they need to succeed at Broward County Libraries. Not in school? Doesn’t matter! A Broward County Library card is the ticket to big savings for all.

If you haven't got a library card yet, it's time. September is Library Card Sign-up Month, when Broward County Libraries Division joins with the American Library Association and public libraries nationwide to ensure that Broward County’s students and community have the most import school supply of all – a free library card.

“Broward County Library offers everyone the tools they need to succeed, not just in school but in life,” says Broward County Libraries Director Skye Patrick. “A library card is a ticket to a world of opportunity and enrichment. The card is free, but the benefits are priceless. We welcome our students to our libraries again this year and look forward to creating a great year!”

Getting a Broward County Library card is easy. If you're a resident of Broward County, apply online or at any Broward County Library location for your free card. If you're not a resident, or if you need torenew your library card, please visit one of our Library locations for assistance (non-residents of Broward County must pay a fee for a BCL card). Valid identification, in the form of a Florida driver’s license, ID card or firearm’s license, is required. If none of those are available, other forms of identification are acceptable.

Resources at Broward County Libraries are available to anyone with a library card, which allows customers to access everything from online live tutoring to free public-use computers to free programs such as SAT/ACT prep, free downloadable books, magazine and music. BCL card holders can even check out eReaders to try at home.

The next time you go to pull out your credit card to download an audio book or music, purchase a DVD or pay for admission at a local tourist destination, head to the library and flash your library card instead. Each time you check out materials, you’ll receive a receipt that tells you how much saved by borrowing materials instead of purchasing them.

Five Great Freebies You Can Get with a Broward County Library Card

  1. Free Downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, music and magazines: Get books, magazines and music to go with BCL WoW - Broward County Library Without Walls. Browse library digital offerings anytime and check out selections for use on your computer or portable device. Download five free songs weekly, access full issues of your favorite magazines or download the latest bestselling book titles.Not sure how to download? Take a free class and learn. Check the library's online event calendar for dates and times.  
  2. Foreign Language Instruction: Can't afford pricey name-brand language courses? Use Transparent Language Online to learn a foreign language through interactive lessons you access on your home computer or via mobile app. 
  3. Free, Live Online Tutoring and Job Help: Use Broward eTutor to access live, online tutoring in English, math, science, social studies and more. Get job coaching help and assistance with interview skills and resume writing.  
  4. Online Research: Broward County Library has access to dozens of subscription-only  online research resources that offer the latest information from journals, periodicals and more on science, social studies, history, current events and more.
  5. Free Online Classes: Use your Broward County Library card to take free online classes in everything from sewing to science. Brush up on business skills, take up a hobby and explore new interests. The non-credit classes are free and can be accessed from any computer. 

The award-winning Broward County Libraries Division, founded in 1974, is the ninth largest library system in the nation by population served and one of the busiest, with more than 9 million walk-in customers visiting its 40 locations annually. The library has more than 3.4 million items and 2,000 computers for public use, and offers hundreds of events and programs to meet the needs of Broward County's diverse community. Broward County Libraries Division continues its strong emphasis on literacy, after-school programs and electronic access. In addition to our comprehensive Web site,, which provides information about library activities, links to online catalogs, reference information and databases, customers can visit BCL WoW - Broward County Library Without Walls – for free eBooks, music, audiobooks, apps and more. Customers may also follow Libraries on Facebook and Twitter. Libraries Division also administers the services, programs, collections and exhibits of the Broward County Historical Commission.

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