Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Announces New Price Structure for Pet Registration Tags
- Pet registration fees will now differ for dogs and cats -
DATE: July1, 2013
MEDIA CONTACT: Lisa Mendheim, Public Education Coordinator
Broward County Animal Care
PHONE: 954-359-1010

Broward County Animal Care and Adoption has adjusted its pet registration fees for dogs and cats, effective July 1. All dogs and cats who are at least 4 months old must be vaccinated against rabies and registered with the County as follows:

Dog Pet Registration Tag:
Spay/neutered (fixed) dog: $25
Not spayed/neutered (not fixed) dog: $55

Cat Pet Registration Tag:
Spay/neutered (fixed) cat: $15
Not spayed/neutered (not fixed) cat: $30

A three-year pet registration tag is no longer available. Animal Care offers several ways to purchase pet tags. While dogs and cats can continue to receive a three-year rabies vaccination, the pet registration must be renewed each year on the anniversary the rabies vaccination was received.

A $10 late fee will be added if the pet registration tag is not purchased within 30 days of the rabies vaccination.

Previously, pet registration fees were based only on whether a pet was fixed (spayed/neutered). Now the fees will also reflect whether the pet is a dog or cat. Residents who get their pet fixed will continue to pay a lower registration fee. In addition, the pet registration tag must be purchased even if the pet is micro-chipped, tattooed or has a personal name tag. Funds collected from the sale of pet registration tags help to care for the pets at Broward County Animal Care, as well as support the SPOT spay/neuter program.

“A pet registration tag worn on a secure collar acts as your pet’s cell phone number,” said Lisa Mendheim, public education coordinator, Broward County Animal Care. “Each year, we receive thousands of pets who do not have their tag. Not only does the registration tag confirm ownership of the pet, but it also enables us to contact the family and ensure a happy reunion with their dog or cat if the pet becomes lost.”

Broward County Animal Care and Adoption is dedicated to providing shelter for lost and homeless dogs and cats. The agency provides access to hundreds of shelter pets hoping for a new home. Please prevent unwanted animals and have your pet spayed or neutered. For more information about the agency, visit, follow on or "like us" on Facebook.
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