"Complete Streets" Approved by Broward County Commission
DATE: March 18, 2013
MEDIA CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe, Public Information Manager
Broward County Board of County Commissioners
PHONE: 954-357-8053

The “Complete Streets” program approved by Broward Commissioners will create streets that are safer for pedestrians and cyclists and more efficient in terms of transportation. The Complete Streets program provides specific community design standards when planning and building roads throughout the County. The overall mission is to plan for streets that are accessible to people and all modes of transportation with a diversity of uses such as street festivals, farmers markets and public gathering places.

The initiative was brought forward by Broward Mayor Kristin Jacobs, a longtime advocate for environmentally sound policies and walkable safe communities. Complete Street guidelines rethink road design and ensure use of the roadway for all users including bicyclists, pedestrians, public transportation vehicles and motorists.
“I am happy to announce that the Broward County Commission voted unanimously in support of a Complete Streets item. The Broward Complete Streets program is designed with the intention of creating a cohesive transportation system that allows residents to conveniently get to their destination. It is my view that this program will create safer streets in Broward that work toward efficiently moving all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities,” said Mayor Jacobs.

The Broward County Commission's approval of the initiative sets in motion the creation of a Complete Streets Team to oversee implementation of the initiative, identify pilot projects and funding sources and reach out to the community for input and interaction. More than 2,000 Broward residents have already participated in a survey, public workshop, presentation or focus group related to the Complete Streets concept. The majority of participants favored more sidewalks, public transportation options near their homes, clearly marked bike lanes, increased destinations within walking or bicycling distance and focus on public safety. The Commission also approved temporarily suspending fees for municipal Complete Streets project applications in order to encourage participation.

The Complete Streets design guidelines underscore the necessity for roadway improvements to reduce automobile accidents, safety enhancements for bicycles and pedestrians, and encourage walking and cycling to promote good health.

In the spirit of Mayor Jacobs’ “Year of the Neighbor,” the Complete Streets initiative is a collaborative effort involving a number of entities such as the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, Smart Growth Partnership and Urban Health Partnerships, Broward cities, the Florida Department of Transportation, U.S. Housing and Urban Development and a number of others to develop and implement the community design standards that encourage complete streets.
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