New Broward County Mayor and Vice Mayor Selected
- New commissioners and incumbents sworn in -
DATE: November 20, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe, Public Communications Manager
Broward County Board of County Commissioners

PHONE: 954-357-8503

Broward County Commissioners have selected Vice Mayor Kristin Jacobs to serve as mayor and Commissioner Barbara Sharief to serve as vice mayor during the next year.

Mayor Jacobs branded this year the "Year of Our Neighbor."

“Neighbors are more than the people who live next door. They are the city next door...the county next door…neighbors are the region next door. In the months ahead, I will be seeking input through workshops designed to share what other communities are doing to challenge the status quo,” said Mayor Jacobs. “I invite our businesses, residents and city leaders to contribute to this effort.”

Commissioner Barbara Sharief said she felt “humbled to be chosen as vice mayor” by her colleagues and said she felt “excitement and passion” for the year ahead.

Two new commissioners were also sworn in to office today.

Commissioner Martin David Kiar was sworn in to serve the residents of District 1. Commissioner Tim Ryan was sworn in to serve District 7. Both commissioners are former state legislators. “I look forward to serving not only the residents in District 1 but all of Broward County,” said Commissioner Kiar.

Commissioner Ryan said that he would like to emphasize a regional approach as Broward is located in the center of an emerging metropolis. “We have some tremendous challenges too…affordable housing close to where people work and this is related to public transportation. I’ve taken to heart everything that people told me during my campaign.”

Incumbent Commissioners Stacy Ritter and Dale Holness were also sworn in to office.

“The Broward Commission has balanced the budget and provided services without raising taxes. This past year we’ve done a tremendous job of creating thousands of jobs through investments in the airport, port and the construction of a new courthouse. This year I look forward to addressing the need for a new convention center hotel,” said Ritter.

Commissioner Holness emphasized the need for continued economic development in Central Broward County. “District 9, my district, has the highest poverty and unemployment rate,” said Holness. “We need to reach into the neediest of areas and build and strengthen these areas of weakness.”

Broward Commissioner Lois Wexler was to be sworn in today, but was not present due to the untimely death of her husband on Saturday.

The Broward County Charter mandates that the County Commission select a mayor and vice mayor on an annual basis. The mayor serves as the County's official representative and ceremonial dignitary, and provides leadership on issues facing the County.
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