Broward County Mayor Delivers 2012 State of the County Address
DATE: November 15, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT: Kimberly Maroe, Public Information Manager
Broward County Board of County Commissioners

PHONE: 954-357-8053

Outgoing Broward County Mayor John E. Rodstrom, Jr., described the state of the County as “strong” in the 2012 State of the County Address. He noted that the “economic” engines of the County such as Port Everglades, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and the tourism industry are “advancing, exceeding expectations and in some cases leading the state in growth.”

“Our AAA credit rating surpasses that of the federal government. We’ve managed to balance a $3.5 billion budget that will finance unprecedented capital projects and will provide jobs for years to come and increase our tax rolls. We didn’t do it by raising taxes…or taking the easy way out,” said Mayor Rodstrom.

Rodstrom said that unemployment in Broward County has fallen to 7.5 percent as opposed to one year ago when it was at 9.3 percent. He also cited the numerous construction projects the County has embarked on this year.

“The $791 million airport runway expansion is estimated to contribute $1 million per day to the local economy. At the peak of construction, it will be generating an estimated 11,000 jobs,” said Rodstrom. Construction and an increase in business at Port Everglades will provide nearly 16,000 jobs in the long term. He said construction is also underway this year for a new Broward County Courthouse. Rodstrom said that tourist tax revenues increased 10 percent over the past year and are now back to peak levels experienced in 2008.
“It is now up to this Commission to carry on the successes of the past. We ride the crest of greatness….in our ability to define our County and the vision we hold for the future,” said Rodstrom.

Tuesday was the last Commission meeting for Mayor Rodstrom and Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, due to term limits.

“None of us could do what we do if we weren't surrounded by some really great supporters, family and friends. Really the blessing is the other way. I am what I am because of them and I am what I am because of all the people I have met,” said Commissioner Lieberman.

Mayor Rodstrom was first elected in 1992 and Commissioner Lieberman in 1996.

A new mayor and vice mayor will be selected by the Commission on November 20 at the regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting beginning at 10 a.m. at the Governmental Center in the Commission Chambers, Room 422, 115 S. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Two newly elected County Commissioners, former Florida State Rep. Martin David Kiar (Broward County District 1) and former Florida State Rep. Tim Ryan (Broward County District 7) will also be sworn in to office at that time. Newly re-elected Commissioners Stacy Ritter (Broward District 3), Lois Wexler (Broward District 5) and Dale Holness (Broward District 9) will be sworn in as well.
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