Broward Addiction Recovery Center Helps Residents Get on the Road to Recovery
DATE: November 14, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT: Paul Faulk, Director
Broward Addiction Recovery Center

PHONE: 954-357-4880

Approximately 110 licensed and/or certified medical and counseling professionals provide help to more than 4,500 County residents annually who want to get on the road to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse through the Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) administered through the County’s Human Services Department.

These residents can refer themselves or are referred to BARC through other agencies or the court system. BARC services are available to all residents.

“These nurses, doctors, psychiatric, mental health and addiction counselors are all experienced and dedicated to helping the clients attain a healthy and satisfying lifestyle free from addiction,” said Jasmine Bascombe, clinical director with BARC.

These staff members are represented in the five service areas provided by BARC, which offer services for County residents over the age of 18 who are affected by substance abuse and co-occurring disorders such as mental health disorders:

• Admissions and Assessment staff conducts comprehensive assessments and, in conjunction with the client, determine the most appropriate level of care.

• Medically Supervised Inpatient Detoxification is a 34-bed unit that provides a safe environment for clients who would otherwise be at risk of life-threatening complications from withdrawal. More than 1,800 clients per year benefit from medically supervised drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment offered by the professionals at BARC.

• Residential Treatment Services offer an 82-bed, 30-day residential treatment program located in Coral Springs. The Stephen R. Booher facility operates 24/7 and offers two main components to this level of care: Intensive Residential Treatment and the Perinatal Addiction Program for pregnant women which extends through delivery of a drug-free baby and a 60-day treatment program for non-pregnant women with children age 7 and under. Approximately 1,000 clients are served annually.

• Non-residential Day Treatment is a four-week daytime program for individuals who need more intensive treatment than what is provided by outpatient services. “These clients typically do not require medical detoxification and are unable to attend a residential program,” Bascombe explained. Nearly 800 residents annually participate in this BARC program.

• Outpatient Treatment program, which serves more than 1,100 clients annually, focuses on long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol and stabilization of any other co-occurring mental health disorders associated with substance abuse.

BARC also works collaboratively with other community agencies by providing treatment services at Kids in Distress and Opportunities Industrialization Center of Broward County. BARC services are accredited by the Joint Commission and the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Any Broward County resident who feels he or she needs help can call 954-357-4880 or visit
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