Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge Makes it Easier to Convert to Solar Energy



DATE: October 18, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT: Jeffery Halsey, Director, Broward County
Pollution Prevention Remediation and Air Quality Division

PHONE: 954-519-1468
EMAIL: jhalsey@broward.org  

Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant-funded program designed to make it easier for Broward County residents and small businesses to convert to solar energy, will reduce the cost and wait time associated with the permitting process for photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar systems.

That’s good news for homeowners and contractors who have been holding off on installing the energy efficient systems because they thought the permitting process would be time-consuming, costly or difficult to pursue.

Solar energy has long-term economic and environmental benefits, but the traditional application and permitting process for PV systems, which varies across Broward’s 31 municipalities, can be a barrier to those interested in retrofitting their home or business for increased energy efficiency.

Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge removes those barriers by offering home and small business owners and/or their contractors, who reside in participating cities, a streamlined, online application system with standardized fees, preapproved design plans and uniform interconnection to utility systems.

The DOE grant is funding local improvements in four areas:

Permitting and Interconnection — Development of best practices for streamlining and standardizing permitting and interconnection processes.

Financing — Financing options for the installation of rooftop PV systems in residential and small commercial structures.

Planning and Zoning — Less restrictive zoning ordinances.

Net Metering — Education for residents and businesses regarding net metering standards and interconnection process requirements.

For more information, and to join the Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge team, visit
broward.org/GoGreen/GoSolar or email GoSolar@broward.org.  

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