Mosquito Season is Here
- Broward County offers residents helpful tips for controlling the pesky insects -

DATE: May 29, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT: Joseph Marhefka, Broward County Mosquito Control
PHONE: 954-765-4062, ext. 222

Broward County's rainy season is upon us and each day the humidity increases as well - making a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The Mosquito Control Section of Broward County's Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division offers these tips to residents to help reduce the local mosquito population:

• destroy or dispose of cans, old tires, buckets, unused plastic swimming pools or other containers that can collect and hold standing water, which promotes breeding

• repair leaky pipes

• install screens on rain barrels and openings to water tanks or cisterns

• empty water from boats

• scrub and change water in vases holding flowers or cuttings twice each week, or grow cuttings in sand

• clean clogged roof gutters and drain flat roofs

• scrub and change water in bird baths twice weekly; empty watering areas of pets and chickens daily

• fill holes in trees with sand or mortar, or drain or spray them as required

• stock fish pools or lily ponds with minnows, which devour mosquito larvae

“Mosquitoes can be a public health issue if not properly managed," said Joseph Marhefka, manager of Broward County Mosquito Control. "The best protection from mosquito-transmitted diseases is avoiding exposure to mosquito bites."
Experts suggest residents keep doors and windows closed, stay indoors at dusk and dawn, dress in long-sleeved and light colored clothing when in a known mosquito infested area, and apply insect repellent containing DEET sparingly to clothing and skin.

When necessary, Broward County Mosquito Control sprays areas of the County by truck and/or plane, based on the volume of requests received from residents. To request mosquito spraying service, visit and click MOSQUITO SERVICES under Online Services, or call 954-765-4062.

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