Students School Residents on Water Conservation
Saving water and money is so easy, even the kids can do it!
DATE: April 3, 2012
MEDIA CONTACT: Asif Ali, Broward County Natural Resources Planning
and Management Division
PHONE: 954-519-1222

Nicole Sawyer, Environmental PR Group
PHONE: 813-948-6400

The Broward Water Partnership, a collaboration of 18 local governments and water utilities, is helping the community save water and money through the Conservation Pays rebate and incentives program. To reach their goal of saving 30 million gallons of water, they teamed up with a group of students to teach residents how to save.

Second grade students at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School are the stars of a new online video that explains how to save water (and money) through the Conservation Pays program. The kids share how they incorporate water conservation into their daily lives and why it is important for everyone to conserve water. Their ideas are smart, green and used every day.

For a limited time, Conservation Pays is offering toilet rebates and free incentives on water-saving devices. Eligible residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations can receive rebates of up to $100 each on WaterSense® certified High-Efficiency Toilets that use 1.28 gallons of water per flush (gpf) or less when replacing their older models that use more than 1.6 gpf.

Residential homeowners can receive up to two rebates. The total number of rebates available to businesses, nonprofit and multi-family establishments is determined on a case-by-case basis. All participants must be pre-approved and other restrictions apply. Supplies are limited, so don’t delay!

Low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads are also available to residents. And, pre-rinse spray valves are offered to businesses.

Residents can learn more ways to save water and apply for rebates by visiting or by calling 1-800-270-9794.

MEDIA NOTE: The video is available for download and a program spokesperson available for interview.

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